Thursday, October 28, 2010

Man Repellers

My sister and this girl agree, sometimes buying into fashion trends means giving up any and all sex appeal. Enter my favorite new style of pant - the Man Repellers, inspired by the fantastic website hyperlinked above. I read a story last year in Harper's Bazaar that said relaxed trouser pants which taper at the leg can surprisingly flatter most body types. Um, sure - I'll buy what your selling.  But I think when you go for it with a pair of harem trouser pants, you just have to know the look is completely unflattering and accept it. 

I bought a pair that I wavered on FOREVER, to the point that my coworkers were about to return the damn pants for me. I couldn't let go of the notion that all my pants need to be skinny in order to prove Yes I Do have a nice butt.  I got mine from my happy place on earth, Zara, for only $40. If you look on the website, they have a ton of pleated/tapered options so clearly this trend is here to stay. I say go bold and give it a try. Just do it on the cheap so you don't waste money. 

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  1. Awww, sometimes you do listen to me!! I have to say though that those pants could be cute with super high pumps and some sort of close fitting top tucked into them and a fitted blazer? An example of my fave Kourtney Kardashian: