Sunday, October 24, 2010

God Bless the Kardashians

I eat up any and all celebrity news. When someone shamelessly airs their dirty laundry for the adoring fans, I'm in hog heaven. So imagine my delight when I tuned in to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians finale tonight. Kim tapes a conversation between her and Reggie, and man does the truth come out. I will admit, I was CRUSHED when they broke up, screaming WHYYYY to the sky above. Turns out, HE broke up with HER?! And then he wanted to get back together for a third time?? AND he was texting groupies?? Judge on that, harshly. Bet he regrets it all after seeing Kim naked and painted silver in all her glory inside the November issue of W. We also get to see his jealous envy when Kim moves on to Miles. Don't worry Reg, I still have faith that you'll win in the end. Miles is already out of the picture and we aaall know you two belong together.

The entire hour episode was full of juicy gossip perfection.


  1. Obviously I ate every moment of that episode up-- when he called her to bitch about having to pay for her car wash? I love that to see celebs hit a classic relationship milestone; bitterness and lashing out at an ex. That's what we tune in for!

  2. I too revel all thing Kardashian.. but more important is the fact that every time I sit down to read your blog its like sitting down on the couch at the willow house. I daydream that you've just put down your latest US Weekly or just flipped off the most recent E! News and are filling me in on this weeks gossip. I L.O.V.E. it.. keep up the good work sista friend.