Tuesday, October 12, 2010

GG Love, xoxo

For anyone who doesn't read the recap of Gossip Girl on NYMag.com's Daily Intel, you absolutely need to get on board. Every Tuesday morning I am literally DYING out loud at Chris and Jessica's hilarious scoreboard of the newest episode. Its every witty, snarky, embarrassing-that-I-care-this-much-about-tv comment you say to yourself, or wish you were smart enough to say. Sometimes I like to comment on the recap with my own observations that the geniuses at Daily Intel may have ignored (my old roommate Marjorie is all too familiar with my love for commenting on the recap).  

  • Prize quote- Dan to Nate: I shouldn't have told you about the cock swap. Oh I'm sorry, it was cotton swab, you shouldn't mumble so much Humphrey.
  • Who is still a minion in college? Girls, gather a small amount of self esteem and at least roll your eyes at Blair in retort. BUT WAIT!? That girl is a super bitch, turns on Blair with CHUCK (?!) and finally realizes being a minion was not going to get her laid.
  • Hilarious that Serena talks to Blair about maturity before her meeting with a professor, then immediately walks away to reveal the sluttiest booty shorts known to man. But of course.
  • Why, oh why did they give Katie Cassidy that god awful brassy dye job? Is that a sly reference to the fact that Juliet's pretending to be rich and can't actually afford good color? Because no one wins in that scenario, no one.
  • Sucks for Serena and the faux-email soliciting sex, but love her topknot! At least she looked bangin' before being embarrassed completely, yet she still didn't seem too fazed by the accusation.
  • When Vanessa cries, she kind of looks like a feral cat, no? Rewind and look, I swear she does.
  • Ugh, the dreaded return of Little J and her whack extensions is close...

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  1. you are the next chris and jessica. I can't even watch the show anymore because it's not funny without your commentary!