Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Slave to Fashion.

Although I love how fun my job can be, I definitely do my fair share of complaining when life stops during Fashion Week and I am crazed every waking second in the weeks leading up to/during. I wanted to post a few pictures of things happening backstage at some of the shows we styled this season (our stylists do the hair looks for each show) and what I see when I'm not scanning magazine placements and actually get to do cool stuff. Six shows was exhausting and I'm VERY happy its done - until next season.

Christian Siriano
Sessilee Lopez, love her

Jason Wu

Odile Gilbert

KARLIE KLOSS, my model love, and Karolina Kurkova

Above, you see Anna Wintour seated with Serena Williams front row at Rodarte. To get to front row, they had to come in from backstage. I was out frantically searching for our lead hair stylist and running upstairs when who should I run into but Anna, Serena, and Andre Leon Talley. BTW the rumors are true that when in Anna's path, you get the hell out of her way and don't look her in the eyes. The stairwell was tight and I was too far up to turn back and so, dear friends, I squeezed myself against the wall like the sad little minion I am just so they could pass. I think I pushed myself so close against that wall that it may have impregnanted me.  I felt SUPER awkward, then they breezed past me to mingle with Rachel Zoe (3 months preggers apparently), Kanye West and other cool people that I will never mingle with in my lifetime. 


  1. You are living a life I would kill for! Any internship opps available? :)

  2. There is a point when anorexia just makes you look ridiculous and Idno who Anna Wintour is but she looks deformed.