Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saving Lives For Fashion

I walked outside the other day wearing my (faux) fox fur vest and was very excited about my bomb.com outfit.  A woman watching her dog defecate in the street uttered "UUCCHHH" in a really disgusted tone, and naturally I imagined it was in reaction to her foul little creature. I heard her ask as I passed, "Is that real fur?" I gladly turned around, grinning like an idiot, and shared excitedly, "Nope! Totally fake, was only $80 from Rachel Zoe for QVC," thinking I was dropping some stellar insider fashion knowledge. I look up to see her face and realize her disgusted tone was directed at ME, not the mangy mutt.  "Thank God, thought I'd have to run out and grab some red paint," she quipped. Naturally, since I'm a sassy priss, I gave a big ol' fake smile and sashayed off.  Almost pissing off a Peta member,  now THAT'S how you know you bought a great fake fur. True story.

You can get my faux fox fur vest here from QVC.com, they also have a really cute one in coyote that I also dig.

small tip: the vest tends to shed big time, but I spray hairspray around the areas where my arms rub the vest and it kept the shedding minimal.


  1. These are adorableeee! Also --- True or False: H&M has started an online shopping site?

  2. So cute! I just got a fur vest too! super pumped to wear it :) unfortunately its still in the 80s and 90s in austin