Thursday, October 28, 2010

Man Repellers

My sister and this girl agree, sometimes buying into fashion trends means giving up any and all sex appeal. Enter my favorite new style of pant - the Man Repellers, inspired by the fantastic website hyperlinked above. I read a story last year in Harper's Bazaar that said relaxed trouser pants which taper at the leg can surprisingly flatter most body types. Um, sure - I'll buy what your selling.  But I think when you go for it with a pair of harem trouser pants, you just have to know the look is completely unflattering and accept it. 

I bought a pair that I wavered on FOREVER, to the point that my coworkers were about to return the damn pants for me. I couldn't let go of the notion that all my pants need to be skinny in order to prove Yes I Do have a nice butt.  I got mine from my happy place on earth, Zara, for only $40. If you look on the website, they have a ton of pleated/tapered options so clearly this trend is here to stay. I say go bold and give it a try. Just do it on the cheap so you don't waste money. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saving Lives For Fashion

I walked outside the other day wearing my (faux) fox fur vest and was very excited about my outfit.  A woman watching her dog defecate in the street uttered "UUCCHHH" in a really disgusted tone, and naturally I imagined it was in reaction to her foul little creature. I heard her ask as I passed, "Is that real fur?" I gladly turned around, grinning like an idiot, and shared excitedly, "Nope! Totally fake, was only $80 from Rachel Zoe for QVC," thinking I was dropping some stellar insider fashion knowledge. I look up to see her face and realize her disgusted tone was directed at ME, not the mangy mutt.  "Thank God, thought I'd have to run out and grab some red paint," she quipped. Naturally, since I'm a sassy priss, I gave a big ol' fake smile and sashayed off.  Almost pissing off a Peta member,  now THAT'S how you know you bought a great fake fur. True story.

You can get my faux fox fur vest here from, they also have a really cute one in coyote that I also dig.

small tip: the vest tends to shed big time, but I spray hairspray around the areas where my arms rub the vest and it kept the shedding minimal.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

God Bless the Kardashians

I eat up any and all celebrity news. When someone shamelessly airs their dirty laundry for the adoring fans, I'm in hog heaven. So imagine my delight when I tuned in to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians finale tonight. Kim tapes a conversation between her and Reggie, and man does the truth come out. I will admit, I was CRUSHED when they broke up, screaming WHYYYY to the sky above. Turns out, HE broke up with HER?! And then he wanted to get back together for a third time?? AND he was texting groupies?? Judge on that, harshly. Bet he regrets it all after seeing Kim naked and painted silver in all her glory inside the November issue of W. We also get to see his jealous envy when Kim moves on to Miles. Don't worry Reg, I still have faith that you'll win in the end. Miles is already out of the picture and we aaall know you two belong together.

The entire hour episode was full of juicy gossip perfection.

Skinny Cargos

As much as I love fashion, there are some trends that don't quite have me convinced. Clogs, tie dye, and the subject of today's post, skinny cargos. I have seen the It girls strutting their stuff in a pair from J Brand, but we all know that celebs in clothing don't always translate to the common folk. Kate Bosworth and Jessica Alba love them, but they don't got thighs like me. Only when I saw my girls Kim and Khloe wearing skinny cargos did I believe that perhaps I could pull them off. 

Although the J Brand 'Houlihan' are cute, I didn't want to fork over the $231 for a pair (left). I ended up trying on a couple of pairs in cheaper versions from GAP and Old Navy. The GAP pair (middle) fit looser in the leg and the pockets don't lay very flat. The fit added bulk to my thighs (a major fear when trying the trend) and I wasn't a fan. But the Old Navy pair (right) win hands down. Tight through the leg with a pocket that lays flat and is positioned more towards the front of the leg than on the sides, they were lengthening and slimming in all the right ways. The material pulls a little in the crotch, but for such a cheap price tag I could handle that. They run for $34.50 online, but I just purchased a pair in store for the special price of $19. Can't beat it.

J Brand Houlihan Twill Cargo Pants

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Shopping at Forever 21

Sway to the Music

I love this picture of Reese Witherspoon. She is so happy in the zone, geeking out in sweats on the set of the movie This Means War. She is really into it - eyes closed, lips pursed, mid sway - and it's just so hilarious. Love that she has no fear of looking silly or uncool. The whole world is always watching her every move, why should this moment of her jamming out be any different. But my favorite part of this photo is the girl to the left watching. She clearly got decked in an outfit she thought was trendy enough for a movie set and looking over with judgement in her eyes. Like, "For the love, I'm clearly cooler than Reese, why am I not famous??" OR she could be thinking like I would had I been there, "When will she come over, talk to me, and realize we should be best friends?"

*image from

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boot Camp

As the weather turns frigid up north, I'm forced to accept the next six months with my legs covered and embracing boots. I have been looking at the boots in my closet lately and wondering why I wasted money on a few cheapies instead of consolidating the money into one luxe pair. Definitely missing from my line up are tall wedge and over the knee flat boots to dress up my day looks. Though I can probably only afford one new pair this time around, there are a few pairs that have caught my eye.

Boot Camp
Clockwise from left:

Inspiration Board: Sarah Stanley

I promised I would show street styles that have me obsessed and ready to copy. Turns out my first real life inspiration came from my own friend, Sarah. This little cutie just threw on her outfit for a day of watching football and I was immediately jealous.

Her vest absolutely made the look and I couldn't stop complimenting her. You can purchase the vest here, and I think it is an amazing investment for fall/winter outfits. You can keep it casual cool like Sarah with tough boots, a tunic (her tunic was only $14.95 from H&M!) and shiny American Apparel leggings, or go for other options: polished for the weekend with skinny jeans or velvet leggings and wedge lace up booties, over a dress and tights, or step it up for a more work appropriate look with black pants and a silk neutral or patterned blouse (my favorite Express Military silk button down would definitely be perfect with this).

J Brand Velvet Leggings   

Website I Love

One afternoon, while aimlessly navigating the web, I came across Today I'm Wearing from UK.  The website posts the outfits of celebrities, international socialites, and other fashion-y people who live ridiculous, frivolous lives.  Clearly, since my M.O. is stealing style from those more fabulous than I, this site is great because you get to see everyday outfits from people who are usually glammed up on a red carpet (although im sure people still kick it up a couple notches from schlepy outfits on off days).  If it was me and I had to post my Friday outfit - men's Ralph Lauren polo oxford, skinny jeans, moccasins, greasy hair and hungover scowl - I don't think the masses would be impressed.  The best are when the guests are extra funky like this month's Brit feature, Lulu Kennedy.  Her outfits are too out there for me, but still very cool to see her sense of style since its so different from mine.

If you are ever bored at work, these slides are fun to flip through and highly addictive.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Is She Serious: Jessica Simpson

This picture is old (from the summer, August 27th to be exact) but I STILL think of this and shudder.  Look, like my girl Caroline (Nabors) Rosen always says, Big Girls Need Love Too.  She clearly couldn't sustain a life at 90 lbs, who can blame her. Girl be lovin her some ribs, go at it. But dress appropriately for your newfound rolls. Where do I even begin....

First, her boobs are absolutely pouring out of her dress so much that im surprised she wasn't suffocated by her own cleavage.  Second, the belt of Spanx is practically cutting her in half - um JSimps, that line shouldn't be there. Third, the pancake butt from Spanx combined with a dress two sizes too small. Lastly, even her bra looks like its trying to break through the tight dress.  I just wonder at what point she looked and herself and said, "Lookin good, Jess." In no way was this dress deceivingly tight, its is VERY VERY obviously too freakin tight.

I wonder if the reason she and Ken Paves are no longer friends is because he let her wear this in public. As her main gay, he should have taken one look and yelled "Oh HEEEELLLLL NO."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Everybody Loves a Coupon

Yes it's true, everybody does love a coupon.  I was happy to discover 20% off Urban Outfitters online thanks to a Teen Vogue promotion through October 31st (code TEENVOGUE at checkout).  I am trying to get more into accessories to make my outfits on lazy days and Urban is always the perfect place to get this done on the cheap.

urban accessories

Top Picks (clockwise):

I am in love with the Jeffrey Campbell tranny wedges. They are amazing because they will go with anything - pants, skirts, or shorts, tights or bare legs. I can't imagine an outfit or season that I couldn't pair these with.

I'm also in need of a bag, however the bag(s) I want is sliiightly too pricey for my budget, but the bag from Urban is a fantastic fake to pass the time until I can one day afford my true loves.

              Mulberry Alexa $1,150                PS 1 Medium Satchel $1,595

GG Love, xoxo

For anyone who doesn't read the recap of Gossip Girl on's Daily Intel, you absolutely need to get on board. Every Tuesday morning I am literally DYING out loud at Chris and Jessica's hilarious scoreboard of the newest episode. Its every witty, snarky, embarrassing-that-I-care-this-much-about-tv comment you say to yourself, or wish you were smart enough to say. Sometimes I like to comment on the recap with my own observations that the geniuses at Daily Intel may have ignored (my old roommate Marjorie is all too familiar with my love for commenting on the recap).  

  • Prize quote- Dan to Nate: I shouldn't have told you about the cock swap. Oh I'm sorry, it was cotton swab, you shouldn't mumble so much Humphrey.
  • Who is still a minion in college? Girls, gather a small amount of self esteem and at least roll your eyes at Blair in retort. BUT WAIT!? That girl is a super bitch, turns on Blair with CHUCK (?!) and finally realizes being a minion was not going to get her laid.
  • Hilarious that Serena talks to Blair about maturity before her meeting with a professor, then immediately walks away to reveal the sluttiest booty shorts known to man. But of course.
  • Why, oh why did they give Katie Cassidy that god awful brassy dye job? Is that a sly reference to the fact that Juliet's pretending to be rich and can't actually afford good color? Because no one wins in that scenario, no one.
  • Sucks for Serena and the faux-email soliciting sex, but love her topknot! At least she looked bangin' before being embarrassed completely, yet she still didn't seem too fazed by the accusation.
  • When Vanessa cries, she kind of looks like a feral cat, no? Rewind and look, I swear she does.
  • Ugh, the dreaded return of Little J and her whack extensions is close...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Is She Serious: Britney Spears

I would like to create a series of posts called "Is She Serious", today's first featuring the ever-sophisticated Britney Spears.  I MEAN, COME ON.  This is a freaking joke.  Brit Brit, you are in no way hard up for cash, why must you shun the idea of a stylist and daily blowout??  Girl, get your shit together.  You are on the cusp of yet another glorious comeback and returning to (semi) normal.  Her eyes, which clearly show signs of family inbreeding, are having no favors done with that smeared eye makeup. Shorts and high boots, with those muscular legs?? Trust someone with meaty legs, definite NO NO. I could go on and on, but then I would need to save some comments for the next time she steps in public.

I miss the times of Slave 4 U, don't you?

SALES CALL photo | Britney Spears
*image from

Closet Raiding: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is immaculate - perfect hair, stud earrings with big necklaces, she mixes trends but always stays classic. I adore her, and if I could be reincarnated as anyone I would sell (what's left of) my soul to be her. So what if she's a cold-hearted wench on The City. She's pretty enough to pull off Bitch, no question. Her hair is always polished and worn in one of two styles, chignon or down with the perfect controled wave.

Olivia Palermo: Worse at College Than We Ever Imagined

Not gonna lie, wish I looked like that every time I pulled my hair back. Unfortunately, the amount of frizz surrounding my head like a halo tends to make that impossible, Britney S. Pears from Glee said it best - "Its like a Jewish Cloud." But more enviable than Olivia's flawless looks are her outfits, styled from stores like Zara, Aldo, and TopShop. I stalk her style on blogs constantly, and have included my favorite outfits to drool over forever.

Zara jacket

TopShop jacket

Aldo Shoes

Is 30 Rock My Crystal Ball to the Future?

Sometimes when I watch 30 Rock I have this irrational fear that I am turning into Liz Lemon. I hear too many similarities to my real life in her one liners that freak me out and have me convinced I'll be 40, alone, eating cheese and passing gas on my couch forever. Seriously. The quotes below are the ones that truly stand out....

Liz: I don't cook very much.
Jack: Sure... I gotcha. New York, third-wave feminist, college-educated, single and pretending to be happy about it, over-scheduled, undersexed, you buy any magazine that says "healthy body image" on the cover, and every two years you take up knitting for ... a week.

Guy: Excuse me, is this seat taken?
Liz: [sighs] Really dude? I got to move my coat? There are like 4 empty seats over there - can't you just be cool?
[guy leaves]
Jenna: That guy wanted to buy you a drink!
Liz: Really? But I already have a drink... do you think he'd buy me mozzarella sticks?

 Liz: I'm 37, please don't make me go to Brooklyn.
Jaime: I'm 20.
Liz: Oh boy. This just went from a senior dating a freshman to Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau.
Jaime: Are those friends of yours?

Liz: I believe that all anyone really wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich.
Jack: How surprising that your world view is food-based.

Liz: You can do some serious subway flirting before you realize the guy is homeless.

Liz: Don't drag my best friend, TV, into this.

Nancy Donovan: Come on Liz, every man in this room is single. Who do you want to meet?
Liz: (long exhale)...Nobody. I mean that guy has a beard, who knows what's under there. Tatoo guy, too permiscuous. T-shirt tucked into jeans (pulls thumb down and makes fart noise). Oh that guy just looks like he'd be mean to me (refering to guy talking emphatically into cell phone).
Nancy Donovan: God Liz, you're so negative!

Liz: I want someone who will be monogamous and nice to his mother. I want someone who likes musicals, but knows to just shut his mouth when I'm watching Lost. And I want someone who thinks being really into cars is lame, and strip clubs are gross. I want someone who will actually empty the dishwasher instead of just taking out forks as needed, like I do.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Inspiration Board: Mixing Patterns

I came across this article from the November issue of Marie Claire about creating a look with stripes, florals and patterned shoes. I'm not a fan of mixing too many prints and although people like Olivia Palermo can pull it off, I aint no Olivia and New York is not my personal red carpet. BUT I was intrigued by this since I recently bought leopard loafers from Zara. Even though my new shoes kill my poor feet, I can't stop wearing them. I am trying to find ways to incorportate them into outfits constantly e so thought I would give the combo a try but nix the floral skirt. Copying this might seem ridiculous to you, but for me I have a hard time making outfits for work every morning and take all the help I can get. Decided to wear a yellow and cream striped sweater with my navy paperbag waist skirt, skinny brown belt, and the prized leopard loafers. My coworker, and the only person here in my cube today, gave the thumbs up. Happy with the choice.

Obsession of the Moment

I obsess over many material items, and on some occasions might go so far as to say I have a shopping problem. I don't always buy, I don't always keep what I buy, and I don't usually pay retail price. I tagged along with my mom on countless visits to TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Macy's sales over the years and learned from the best. I LOVE me a bargain. If I find something I want (which is quite often), I get like a tick and can't stop thinking about it until I make it mine. I think it might help take the edge off if my sole purpose in online browsing is to share my great finds with friends, not just for myself.

I'm sure to some of you, Express reeks of the '90s and mall shopping, but I dig a lot of the clothes. I saw this silk shirt in ivory and can't stop thinking about it. The only reason I am holding off on purchasing said shirt is that I'm waiting for a coupon. Express is fantastic about sending out $30 off emails or 25% sales and I've been biding my time in anticipation of the email that will send me sprinting to the store. Well kids, that day is today! From now through Monday (10/11), you can get $15 off $60, $30 off $120 and more - online code 9982 or print coupon from their website to use in-store. AND they also have 30% off sweaters. Sweet, now I just have to figure out what color(s) I need....see, shopping problem.

Express Military Silk Shirt $69.50

I am also into this sweater jacket. Mine that I currently wear from college is made of 100% acrylic and cost $25, thinking it might be time to upgrade to a wool/nylon combo...
Express Belted Sweater Jacket

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Closet Raiding: Ashley Olsen

Last post for the night before I head off to bed. This blogging thing could easily be my new addiction.

There is a website that I have become obsessed with lately - Olsens Anonymous. It is nothing fancy, just tons of papparazzi pictures of the Olsen Twins, but for some reason I can't get enough. I love to copy celebrity outfits - I know, I know, I am a huge nerd and am the first to admit it. Sometimes its just easier to mimick the style of someone more fabulous and wealthy than me. I am mainly enamoured with Ashley's style since I have been attempting a more minimalist wardrobe to adapt to NYC living. Included are some of my favorite Ashley outfits that will inspire my daily dressing this fall. All her looks are fairly easy to attain, just need to remember I'm no skinny minny and not everything she wears translates for a girl whose curves are kickin'.

*all photos from Olsens Anonymous

Slave to Fashion.

Although I love how fun my job can be, I definitely do my fair share of complaining when life stops during Fashion Week and I am crazed every waking second in the weeks leading up to/during. I wanted to post a few pictures of things happening backstage at some of the shows we styled this season (our stylists do the hair looks for each show) and what I see when I'm not scanning magazine placements and actually get to do cool stuff. Six shows was exhausting and I'm VERY happy its done - until next season.

Christian Siriano
Sessilee Lopez, love her

Jason Wu

Odile Gilbert

KARLIE KLOSS, my model love, and Karolina Kurkova

Above, you see Anna Wintour seated with Serena Williams front row at Rodarte. To get to front row, they had to come in from backstage. I was out frantically searching for our lead hair stylist and running upstairs when who should I run into but Anna, Serena, and Andre Leon Talley. BTW the rumors are true that when in Anna's path, you get the hell out of her way and don't look her in the eyes. The stairwell was tight and I was too far up to turn back and so, dear friends, I squeezed myself against the wall like the sad little minion I am just so they could pass. I think I pushed myself so close against that wall that it may have impregnanted me.  I felt SUPER awkward, then they breezed past me to mingle with Rachel Zoe (3 months preggers apparently), Kanye West and other cool people that I will never mingle with in my lifetime.