Sunday, October 24, 2010

Skinny Cargos

As much as I love fashion, there are some trends that don't quite have me convinced. Clogs, tie dye, and the subject of today's post, skinny cargos. I have seen the It girls strutting their stuff in a pair from J Brand, but we all know that celebs in clothing don't always translate to the common folk. Kate Bosworth and Jessica Alba love them, but they don't got thighs like me. Only when I saw my girls Kim and Khloe wearing skinny cargos did I believe that perhaps I could pull them off. 

Although the J Brand 'Houlihan' are cute, I didn't want to fork over the $231 for a pair (left). I ended up trying on a couple of pairs in cheaper versions from GAP and Old Navy. The GAP pair (middle) fit looser in the leg and the pockets don't lay very flat. The fit added bulk to my thighs (a major fear when trying the trend) and I wasn't a fan. But the Old Navy pair (right) win hands down. Tight through the leg with a pocket that lays flat and is positioned more towards the front of the leg than on the sides, they were lengthening and slimming in all the right ways. The material pulls a little in the crotch, but for such a cheap price tag I could handle that. They run for $34.50 online, but I just purchased a pair in store for the special price of $19. Can't beat it.

J Brand Houlihan Twill Cargo Pants

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  1. I own these too. Basically...I die. We are so same same.