Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thank You Grilled Cheesus

I have always been a fan of musicals. After seeing Les Miserables one summer in New York, I played the soundtrack on repeat for months and belted songs to my audience of stuffed animals. I have seen many Broadway shows and love them all, even Xanadu (um, especially Xanadu...). This is why my love for Glee runs deep. But its not just the songs that have me freaking with excitement every week, the one liners on that show are unreal. I especially love when Glee turns up the jew in episodes and represents for the tribe. My favorite moments from this week's episode include:
  • There are no words, Rachel's face when Finn announces he's found Jesus was fan-freaking-tastic
  • Puck - "I'm a total Jew for Jesus. He's my number one Heeb."
  • I laughed everytime Finn said Cheesus because of his lisp...does that make me a terrible person?
  • Gospel choir singing Bride Over Troubled Water gave me serious chills
Unfortunately there were not many funny moments as this was a particularly serious episode and had me weeping and snotting like a baby.

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