Monday, October 11, 2010

Is She Serious: Britney Spears

I would like to create a series of posts called "Is She Serious", today's first featuring the ever-sophisticated Britney Spears.  I MEAN, COME ON.  This is a freaking joke.  Brit Brit, you are in no way hard up for cash, why must you shun the idea of a stylist and daily blowout??  Girl, get your shit together.  You are on the cusp of yet another glorious comeback and returning to (semi) normal.  Her eyes, which clearly show signs of family inbreeding, are having no favors done with that smeared eye makeup. Shorts and high boots, with those muscular legs?? Trust someone with meaty legs, definite NO NO. I could go on and on, but then I would need to save some comments for the next time she steps in public.

I miss the times of Slave 4 U, don't you?

SALES CALL photo | Britney Spears
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