Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Website I Love

One afternoon, while aimlessly navigating the web, I came across Today I'm Wearing from Vogue.com UK.  The website posts the outfits of celebrities, international socialites, and other fashion-y people who live ridiculous, frivolous lives.  Clearly, since my M.O. is stealing style from those more fabulous than I, this site is great because you get to see everyday outfits from people who are usually glammed up on a red carpet (although im sure people still kick it up a couple notches from schlepy outfits on off days).  If it was me and I had to post my Friday outfit - men's Ralph Lauren polo oxford, skinny jeans, moccasins, greasy hair and hungover scowl - I don't think the masses would be impressed.  The best are when the guests are extra funky like this month's Brit feature, Lulu Kennedy.  Her outfits are too out there for me, but still very cool to see her sense of style since its so different from mine.

If you are ever bored at work, these slides are fun to flip through and highly addictive.

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