Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Closet Raiding: Ashley Olsen

Last post for the night before I head off to bed. This blogging thing could easily be my new addiction.

There is a website that I have become obsessed with lately - Olsens Anonymous. It is nothing fancy, just tons of papparazzi pictures of the Olsen Twins, but for some reason I can't get enough. I love to copy celebrity outfits - I know, I know, I am a huge nerd and am the first to admit it. Sometimes its just easier to mimick the style of someone more fabulous and wealthy than me. I am mainly enamoured with Ashley's style since I have been attempting a more minimalist wardrobe to adapt to NYC living. Included are some of my favorite Ashley outfits that will inspire my daily dressing this fall. All her looks are fairly easy to attain, just need to remember I'm no skinny minny and not everything she wears translates for a girl whose curves are kickin'.

*all photos from Olsens Anonymous

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