Monday, November 1, 2010

GG Love

I skipped on commenting about last week's GG episode cause I thought it was Eh, only so so. This one kicked it up a notch but went out with a bang (literally). My thoughts:
  • Juliet's creepy and desperate tone when "running into" Serena + the Bump It in her hair was so uncomfortable, I physically cringed.
  • Only Serena's psychotic and insecure outburst when stalking a guy would come off as endearing as opposed to stage 5 clinger.
  • "I'm gonna hit the cheese table" sounds like something I would say in an awk moment. Not so well played Humphrey.
  • AND there is NO way that Serena can remember the Gettysburg Address in an instant from elementary school but not pick up on the Single White Female vibe that Juliet puts off.
  • One of the minions guesses what the tape holds, "A Nelly Yuki snuff film?" Brilliant writers, well done.
  • Chuck/Blair Hate Sex, amaaazing. The slow motion and Chuck's bow tie were just too, too much. Ahh, its moments like this that are why I live for TV.

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