Thursday, October 7, 2010

Inspiration Board: Mixing Patterns

I came across this article from the November issue of Marie Claire about creating a look with stripes, florals and patterned shoes. I'm not a fan of mixing too many prints and although people like Olivia Palermo can pull it off, I aint no Olivia and New York is not my personal red carpet. BUT I was intrigued by this since I recently bought leopard loafers from Zara. Even though my new shoes kill my poor feet, I can't stop wearing them. I am trying to find ways to incorportate them into outfits constantly e so thought I would give the combo a try but nix the floral skirt. Copying this might seem ridiculous to you, but for me I have a hard time making outfits for work every morning and take all the help I can get. Decided to wear a yellow and cream striped sweater with my navy paperbag waist skirt, skinny brown belt, and the prized leopard loafers. My coworker, and the only person here in my cube today, gave the thumbs up. Happy with the choice.


  1. Love this!You are the cutest Jill! How much were the loafers? I'm on major budget time right now (my family is putting me on financial probation) so I can't spend too much.

    BTW I might end up in New York sometime this year. Can we have lunch when I do get over there??

  2. Amanda, love that you commented! The shoes were only $80 and I swear by them (but beware of the blisters, prep with bandaids). Link to below:

    Definitely let me know if you come up, would love to see you :)

  3. YAY!! congrats on the blog- rocked my express top last night

  4. Guys - I have a trick for tight shoes that I learned from a fellow wedding guest at one of the one thousand weddings I've been to this summer. She said that when she worked in high end shoe shop they would suggest that the customers take a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol - rub it on all of the places inside of the shoe that rub against your foot. Put on a thin pair of socks, then the shoes and just walk around your house for a few hours. She said it helps stretch them out. Couldn't hurt to try! :)