Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Everybody Loves a Coupon

Yes it's true, everybody does love a coupon.  I was happy to discover 20% off Urban Outfitters online thanks to a Teen Vogue promotion through October 31st (code TEENVOGUE at checkout).  I am trying to get more into accessories to make my outfits on lazy days and Urban is always the perfect place to get this done on the cheap.

urban accessories

Top Picks (clockwise):

I am in love with the Jeffrey Campbell tranny wedges. They are amazing because they will go with anything - pants, skirts, or shorts, tights or bare legs. I can't imagine an outfit or season that I couldn't pair these with.

I'm also in need of a bag, however the bag(s) I want is sliiightly too pricey for my budget, but the bag from Urban is a fantastic fake to pass the time until I can one day afford my true loves.

              Mulberry Alexa $1,150                PS 1 Medium Satchel $1,595


  1. Good to know! What do you think of these boots? Be very honest!