Thursday, January 13, 2011

Closet Raiding: Rashida Jones

I started taking notice of Rashida Jones' style since this summer, when I saw the last photo below of her with a french stripe tee and short khaki trench. Her preppy basics with trendy accents are incredibly attainable for the wardrobe of normal people. Rashida's style is as effortless as her natural beauty which, while that could lead me hate her, just makes me love her more. Her love of cropped jackets, blazers and black basics highlighted with eye catching accessories gives her look a nice polish without having to try too hard.

In the first photo, I noticed she's wearing the 3.1 Philip Lim bib necklace I have been lusting after on the Neiman Marcus website. That necklace absolutely completes the outfit and elevates the simple black blazer and denim skirt. Her choice of shoe is something we can all relate to: buy a bold pair of heels and they'll make the entire ensemble without having to do much with the rest. I also love the casual cool of her outfit in the second picture, wearing a jean jacket with black tapered trouser pants (aka man repellers) and Lanvin for H&M bow pumps. This outfit comes across as insanely cool to me, and definitely an outfit I can recreate for a day at the office. She keeps it simple with color and patterns, and when she does goes for color, a la the maxi Prada dress below, there is still something subdued about it to reflect her casual cool style preference. I could really get on board with the outfits below, and so should you.

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  1. adore that last look. the glasses, the short trench, the striped t... perfection!

    xx grace