Saturday, January 15, 2011

Imitation is the Sincerest Form Of Flattery....Right?

In the fashion world, the same debate arises every few seasons from high fashion design houses about lower end brands stealing ideas and peddling them for less. The conundrum is oh so relevant for this generation of internet fiends, when free ideas are continually put out in to the world every second. How do you claim ownership of ideas and creativity? Personally, I think we are all inspired by and/or imitating someone else, great minds think alike, however I do understand the problem when Steve Madden puts out the same shoe as YSL just two months after a show. Steve's shoes usually hit the mass market months before the YSL seasonal collection will even hit stores. That being said, I LOVE me some designer copies or inspirations. I don't have money to burn on my favorite $600+ Christian Louboutin or Stella McCartney shoes. If mass market designers can wait 6 months to a year after the designer shoe debuts and is swept off the shelves, I'm happy to let the cheaper version trickle down in to my eager and less fortunate hands. One brand I love is Miu Miu, but most of their whimsical, 70s inspired styles are too rich for my blood. I am totally down to spend more $$$ on a great, sturdy pair of shoes I can wear to death, but can't justify spending my hard earned paycheck on shoes I can only wear with one or two outfits a year. Instead, I oogle them online and on style sites, envious of the high fashion girls who can interpret them as normal into their everyday wardrobe.
Like take this Miu Miu platform Mary Jane for instance. They were from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. I have now seen two styles in the same vein as these shoes, but without the granny cat print and a little more everyday. My thoughts are, since the season is over and the shoes are no longer in stock, let the legitmate businesses like Forever 21 and Aldo have a field day with the chunky heel, platform versions. In the end all I care about is putting on a sexy pair of heels to bag me a man.
Forever 21Suedette Platform Heel-Strap Heel, $25.80
Aldo Basinski, $84.98 on sale

ASOS River Island Ponyskin Block Heel Court Shoe, $129.28

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  1. umm yess you know I gotz me some forever 21 chunky ones- although I must advise they are HIGHLY uncomfortable (guess thats what you get with the 20 dollar price tag)