Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inspiration Board: Graphic Tee and Blazer

I have recently become a fan of Jane from Sea of Shoes, and one of her latest posts featured an outfit of a concert tank under an amazing gold blazer with jeans and YSL tranny heels. I love the easy glam of this outfit, seeems like its something I could pull of when I feel its a jeans kind of night out. I'm usually not a proponent of graphic tees (my love of Jersey Store cast not included), but the fit of the tank with the blazer just works. Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters have some cute ones, but remember that the key component here is revealing a lot of clavicle to up the sex factor. I wondering if I am ballsy enough to purchase this top or that top to play with this outfit at home. Thinking with my velvet blue Ali Ro draped blazer or Leopard H&M jacket, I can put my cleavage to good use while retaining a level of comfort (a rarity in New York nightlife). 

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  1. im following :) hope you do follow back:)x

  2. I have a gold jacket similar, but its not a fitted blazer, do you think it could still work? its a michael kors 3 quarters sleeve length gold jacket and i am gonna walk to urban outfitters and see what options they have on concert tanks (thank god we have one on the drag here). I check for your posts everyday! I love hearing your fashion ideas and thoughts!

  3. The jacket should be somewhat fitted, too boxy of a fit won't help amp up the sex of a rocker tee. Send me a pic of your outfit Doyche!!