Friday, January 21, 2011

Obsession of the Moment: Duck Boots

Lately, everyone around me has been talking about the desire to buy duck boots for those rainy/snowy days. Suddenly Hunter Boots are out and outdoor prep gear is in. I LOVE it. Back in college, a cutie sorority sister from Maryland rocked a pair and I remember thinking she looked adorably waspy in a non-butch way. She was more original then, you never saw someone rocking a pair, but in 2011 they have become all the rage again. I saw a girl wearing the below pair from L.L. Bean with shiny American Apparel black leggings, a navy hooded sweatshirt and an army green puffer vest over and I SWEAR she looked so casually cute on a dismal, wet afternoon. Another day, I was a total creep and tried to closely follow one girl JUST to be sure she got her boots from L.L. Bean, but alas, I couldn't read her heels and she scurried further away to get away from the schizo hunched over and squinting behind her. Sad news though, my beloved $84 pair from L.L. Bean won't be available until March 10 due to high demand, and the even cuter (and more expensive) shearling lined pair are also back ordered to late March. Always late to the party, damn.

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