Friday, January 21, 2011

The Grass is Always Beverly Hills

I watch all the Real Housewives seasons on Bravo and am not really a fan of most. I've given up on Orange County. I am so over Atlanta and watching NeNe turn ghetto on someone every episode, too painful to watch. Without Bethany, New York will be so petty now that Jill Zarin has been labeled the Devil Incarnate. And don't get me started on DC, what a joke - I never tuned in again after just one episode. But Beverly Hills Housewives is too good to be true. Like the wise Wendy Williams once said, "This ain't no Teresa Guidice bankrupcy money, this is REAL money." This season has gone by faster than a catty eye roll in a montage of Vanderpump pink, shiny diamonds, Brooke Shields wannabe hair, fake smiles, and Chanel/Hermes/Louboutin. But the one thing that bothers me on these shows is a hypocrite who can't own up to her own flawed personality. I checked out Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen when Camille Grammar was the guest, and boy did she change her tune on anything she ever said and did on that show. Bitch, if you're gonna take back every annoyingly coy smile and backhanded comment while insisting you take the high road, then you should never speak again. She changed her tune quickly after seeing herself on television and backtracked so hard she bascially regretted ever being born. This is why I LOVE me some Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards, they are who they are and own up to it all. I was always Team Kyle from day one and that will never change. She has also become somewhat of a style icon for me. I think her wardrobe could bring me well on my way to being the woman I dream to be - big jewels, big hair, bright prints and slammin curves and ending with a permanent move to Miami in my seventies, can't wait.

I am sad the season is over but am waiting on pins and needles for the reunion after the bombs that were dropped at the end of the finale. Lisa is no longer Cedric's main hag? Kim is an alchoholic and checked in to rehab?? She and Kyle have been on the outs??? A girl can't live with this knowledge without having full disclosure on the details, the reunion episode(s) can't come soon enought (because you know they will drag it all out in two parts).

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