Friday, November 5, 2010

Obsession of the Moment

I tend to be a pretty plain dresser. I'm not so creative as, say, Emily from fav blog Cupcakes and Cashmere. My outfits aren't always inventive or colorful and I'm constantly looking for an easy way to tszuj up an ensemble. (Side note, I remember Carson Kressley from Queer Eye always used tszuj in reference to boosting an outfit a bit, adding a little oopmph. I had to google its exact spelling, who knew the spelling was quite so ridiculous)

I can't stop thinking about the Charmer boots from Kelsi Dagger.  These shoes are the ultimate for me right now.  Laser cut leather to look like snakeskin, they hit above the knee and are so sexy even without a high heel.  Any outfit I throw together with this pair will seem instantly cool and pulled together. Add these boots with a tunic and leggings, you'd swear I was a Kardashian (oh yes I went there, judge away).  You can get them now on sale in black for $196, they also come in dark brown and cognac at other retailers like Piperlime and Endless. I'm stuggling to decide what color to get!

Kelsi Dagger-The Charmer Reptile Skin Boot in Black

Currently my credit card is on a spending freeze to keep priorities in check, like paying for health insurance and a recently purchased mattress. But that's no fun, its much more enjoyable to picture myself purchasing these boots and frolicking around the city.

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