Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Is She Serious: Taylor Momsen

It's hard for me to understand Taylor Momsen's angsty teen faux rebellion. Mainly because I wasn't handed a stick thin figure, celebrity friends, and thousands of dollars at age 16. Rather, I had to navigate the halls of high school with frizzy hair and body issues like the rest. I'm sorry, remind me again what she has to be so bitter about in life?

Taylor, it's not our fault you hate society. Please don't punish us with those God Awful extensions anymore. And while you're at it, wait a few years until you dress full-fledged whore. You can always be a closet skank like the rest of us were at your age. Maybe that's why you are such a freak, you don't have traditional examples of teens in America to guide the way. Instead, you idolize 90's train wreck Courtney Love and live behind in the times. Get a clue - you have very little promise of a career, and alienating all normal Gossip Girl fans is not doing you any favors for your dismal Hollywood future.

momsen onitsuka 13
* image pulled from JustJared.com

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