Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bendel Girl

Ever since my Aunt Joanie first walked me through the aisles of Henri Bendel's as a young shopaholic, I have never forgotten the excitement of seeing the brown and white Bendel stripes. My sister and I took a Black Friday stroll through the new and improved (now accessories only) store and I quickly realized it housed all the things you don't need and never really knew you wanted until you see it. There were so many cute little items everywhere I turned, it was tough to keep a tight grip on my wallet. Now that the store has e-commerce available (, its the perfect place to buy gifts for friends or stocking stuffers.

Henri Bendel by Imposter Earmuffs gallery 0

Adorable and incredibly soft earmuffs, my favorite winter accessory, $68
(I refuse to ridge my freshly straightened hair with a winter hat)
Centennial Stripe Jewelry Roll gallery 0
Centennial Stripe Jewelry Roll gallery 0
Jewelry bag for travel, something you never think about until your
necklaces are tangled or an earring is bent, $55

Bendel Bow Small Puppy Bowl gallery 0

I don't even own a pet, and this little bowl had me melting, $30

Bendel Loves New York Silk Scarf gallery 0

Who would want to fold this scarf?
I keep picturing it framed on my wall as a work of art, $58

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