Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Website I Love

I was lucky enough to meet Hanneli Mustaparta during Fashion Week when I was a minion stuck at the door for check-in. She is a stunning former model who takes street style photos of high fashion names, my favorite. Hanneli was so sweet and I couldn't help but admit my love for her blog. Normally I would try not to geek out so hard to someone I recognize, but she was so gracious and happy to learn I was a follower. All the pictures are of herself and friends in expensive designer or cheap vintage threads.

Hanneli has been everywhere lately, she was all over the Fashion Week scene and showing up in Vogue. Doesn't hurt that she's gorgeous and impossibly thin, but what a wonderful life she has, simply from a blog about pictures of interesting fashionistas.

Sigh, I have high hopes for this blog.


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