Friday, December 31, 2010

Does the Grinch Loathe New Years Too?

New Years is not an actual holiday, not by a long shot. I generally despise this non-holiday and try to boycott when I can. No, its not the lack of man friend to smooch at midnight that has me all bitter. It doesn't help matters when I kiss my own hand at the stroke of midnight, but its not the root of my problem. What I really loathe is the expectation for something awesome to happen. An amazing party to be the most fun, worth all the money, worthy of a great outfit, equaling a steamy makeout session, and celebrate all night. When the majority or none of the above actually happen, the let down is physical and hurts for days. I generally refuse to waste my time, but this year when my seemingly awesome and low key plans fell through, I was suckered into purchasing an expensive ticket and coordinating an outfit. I am keeping expectations low, and thankful I am close enough to walk home if need be. Not to bring everyone down, I'm sure you will all have a lovely night. You just now know exactly where I stand on this night for future reference. Happy New Year!

My verbal outburst is similar to Harry....before he met Sally.

Just like in Someone Like You, this could have been my night.
I feel your pain Ashley Judd  

Hope everyone is bedecked in bling like Smith and Samantha tonight.
Enjoy your night and be safe!

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