Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brand Obsession: Hunter Dixon

My love for Hunter Dixon started back in 2007, when girls from my first PR job pranced around the office in gorgeous dresses with bold ruffle shoulders.  I was new to the fashion PR world and craved to look just as fabulous as my fancy coworkers. I was then in a stage of my life where Forever 21 ruled my closet and the Nanette Lepore dress worn on my first day of the job was borrowed from my sister (my style was ready to blossom, I just didn't have the funds or the know how to help it flourish). I thought Hunter Dixon was incredible and right up my alley - structured dresses, fitted jackets, and silky tops in bright colors and patterns. It was all so fabulous and the style of the brand reminds me of my now fashion hero, Olivia "Perfection" Palermo.  Its over three years later, and I'm still just as in love with the brand. Unfortunately I never got to own one of the prized dresses they made back in the day, but I'm happy to report I own a few other pieces that have plenty of rotation in my closet.

I recently got the Hazel top ($285) in hot pink and my co-workers raved that the color "made their day" (I never lie about fashion, I received three comments of that nature). I also broke down and bought the gorgeous but more expensive Peppy coat, available in Saks stores but not online ($605). It was a splurge for sure that tested my shopping addiction but I am obsessed with the furry, cozy collar and the flutter of the bottom half. But I have AMAZING NEWS - right now enter code HDPROMO25 and you'll get 25% off and free shipping! Happy holidays, my lovely readers.


  1. I too am obsessed with Hunter Dixon! Their clothes are amaze. I want the hot pink hazel but it's sold out... grrr!!! (actually just did a post on it - check out my blog!)



  2. Love that HD coat!