Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Red Carpet Awards: Grammys


Florence Welch
Normally I am not supportive of some hippie dippie boho look on any red carpet, but I was surprised by how cool I thought her look was. Would I rock it? Hellz no, but there is something dreamy about it that keeps it just this side of intriguing instead of tacky. 

Julianne Hough
I love that she's back to her bleach blonde roots. Feeling the colors and serious cleavage with this dress.

Ricky Martin
Tight silver pants? Pure. Sex. Leave it to a gay man to upstage tons of women on the red carpet and snag a top spot on my list.

Amber Riley
You better WERK, gurl. That's my best Rupal impression that clearly doesn't translate in blogging.
She be lookin all kinds of fierce in that tight get up.

Jennifer Lopez
YESSSS. There is a reason I worship this woman so much that in my University of Miami entrance interview, when I was asked who is my role model, I blurted out "Jennifer Lopez!" I was able to spin it by discussing her branding and entrepreneurship, but really its cause I relate to her kickin curves, fly dance moves and sexpot style.

Love me some Lea Michele, gotta continue to support a fellow member of the tribe.


Jordin Sparks
Really?! You had this monstrosity on and thought, "Damn, I look good."

Kim Kardashian
I know this is kind of blasphemy since my love for the KDash sister trinity runs deep, but this just seemed too forced, J. Lo does it better

Willow Smith
Is it terrible that I have a burning desire to punch a 9 year old....no, seriously.

*images from TMZ.com

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