Monday, February 14, 2011

Model Stalker: Reality Stars

If you watch enough bad reality as I do, you begin to recognize the faces in their post-tv endeavors. My favorite are seeing models trying to make it big on my favorite online shopping sight or in a magazine. That and spotting former Real World-ers trying to live normal lives, like when I saw Paula "Walnuts" from the Real World: Key West bartending at some dive sports bar in Chelsea.  Lately I came across a few images of former reality girls trying to find success in the modeling world, and thought I would play "Where are they now?" with some of the C-List faces.

MTV's "The City"
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Allie has modeled for a bunch of online retailers like Shopbop and Revolve Clothing, but recently her images on Revolve were actually removed from the website because of her lollipop stature (big head, stick figure) and concern for her health.....hope you can get it together girl, sometimes a tasty burger really hits the spot and can change you life.

MTV's "8th and Ocean"
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Ah, Heide. The girl who made a short but splashy appearance on the one and only season of my FAVE modeling show. She was the little harlett who stole Teddy from Brie. While others from that show have come and fizzled out from the modeling world, she still consistently works and is most recently the face in the Treseme ads.

"America's Next Top Model: Season 7"
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Can barely call herself a model, but at least she recently snagged herself Jim Carrey?


The success story. Mallory went on to model for J. Crew, Abercrombie and Fitch, and even had a steamy stint as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Her slammin body makes me hate every ounce of late night ramen I've ever eaten. All that AND she used to date hottie Ace from her seaon? JEALOUS.

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  1. Wanted to provide an update, for what it's worth- I saw Lollipop Allie on a Target commercial this week, looking slightly healthier. Hopefully she took your advice. PS, is it just me or does her right arm look furry in the above pic? Hope it's just a shadow...