Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Model Stalker: Crystal Renn

I had never heard of Crystal Renn (shocking, I know with my extensive knowledge of the modeling world) until her book Hungry hit stands in 2009. She was a teen model with severe anorexia and spoke out in her book about the unrealistic standards of the fashion world. She has been praised for speaking out and rewarded as one of the LUCKY few to still have a successful modeling career despite her kickin curves. Since then I have seen her more and more in ads and on runways as the plus size model that gives great face. I LOVE her look, and although she has caught some flack recently for slimming down from a size 10/12 to a 4/6, I think she looks the best now slimmed to an athletic, healthy and toned shape.   Wanted to share a selection of recent photos of Crystal as inspiration for my summer slimdown.

Cover of her memoir, Hungry

no idea, just love this pic

Lord & Taylor 2011 campaign

German Vogue, February 2011

Jimmy Choo Spring '11 campaign 

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